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As Wedding Photographers, we work hard to create a sophisticated Wedding Experience.  We are a charismatic team of talented individuals and would love to get to know you and showcase your love story in a set of stunning photographs.

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Roxy Pritchard

Principal Photographer. 

 I've been Photographing Weddings for 5 or so years:  It seems I've always been drawn to the grandeur of Weddings - when I first left school, I went straight to Fashion Design and spent a short time designing Wedding dresses before heading back to University to study Law and Management.

Photography has been a long-standing love relationship - I'm fascinated by the play of light in our world - natural or flash - If there is no light, I will make some. I 'love me some good window light', but you're just not going to get that at midnight, so I've put considerable time and investment into my skillset of being able to make amazing things happen in the dark.

I get excited about what seem 'plain' things: like the morning sun streaming through a window, or the Milky Way at 4am... Life is lived in the seemingly ordinary moments.

I drink too much coffee, I don't eat enough salad, and I wish I didn't know how to make pavlova.  I love a good laugh. I'm warm, honest, and I love people.

Roxy has two little boys, John (5 yrs) and Nathan (4 yrs) in Waihi Beach.  Everything in her house is lego, superhero's, and Canon. 

We can't wait to meet you both...

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