Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What area do you cover?
A: New Zealand-wide and beyond: 
We go up the country, and down, every other weekend.  We love a good flight, and we take the party up a notch and into the night if yours is a destination wedding.  


Q: What are the travel costs?
We don't charge additional travel costs, but if we are travelling we just ask that you sort us out with a motel for two nights, and flights if need be.  We like to get there the day before if we can, to do some location scouting and possibly attend your rehearsal if you are having one. Feel free to talk to us more about this and we discuss your unique needs. 


Q: What is your style of photography?
A: W
e strive for bold vivid colours, in a romantic and dramatic elegance.  We are constantly looking for incredible lighting, and will chase it to day's end... and when the day is finished we will make our own with commercial lights, and play on the available ambience to re-tell the atmosphere of your evening. We want to tell the story or your day, in all of its raw emotion and honesty in the most breathtaking way.  We want you to be able to remember how it 'felt' to be there.


Q: Do you 'Photoshop?'
Yes, and no.  We believe that photoshop has it's place in the world, but we have an ethos of honest storytelling - so we don't believe in changing the way a person looks in post-processing by the use of photoshop.  Our belief is to 'shoot it right in-camera' and use creative lighting and angles to tell your story just the way it happened. 


Q: What kind of service can I expect?
The best. We are all about providing a superior wedding experience for you.  We are there to facilitate your wedding in all of it's awesomeness - photographically that means doing whatever we can to get the shot to provide an outstanding album collection for you.  


Q: When will I receive my images?
Turnaround-time can vary...  Generally we expect you to get your final images in 6-10 weeks (allow longer for public holidays and weekends).  But in peak season, may take a little longer... "Good things come to those who wait" - so if we take a little longer, it's so we know you are getting the very best end-product we can possibly produce. 


If you have a question you'd like to know the answer to which isn't here, email us here. 


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