We know that being a parent is a busy job with lots to think about, so we have compiled a list of suggestions to consider for your photo-shoot that will help you to get the most out of your professional photography experience:

Children & Babies


Babies don't always co-operate & things don't always go to plan, but feeding baby before your photographer is due to arrive usually helps to keep bubs relaxed and happy - which always makes for great photos. Of course if it's not possible to do before your shoot, we understand and are happy to wait a few minutes while bubs fills their tummy. And let's not forget about Mum/Dad too... 


If you are booking an indoor photo-shoot at your home, think about available windows, and how much natural light is available in rooms. Your photographer will have portable lighting equipment, but natural light is usually best.


YoungOnesPhotography-Sinel Family 29.03.15-03-6.jpg

You may want to have a couple of outfits for your child/children to change into.  How many outfit changes will depend on available time and how co-operative the subject(s) are? Have your child wear the best outfits first, in case you run out of time for the others.

Plain colours work best. Avoid logos, words and busy patterns.  If you are unsure, ask your photographer before you begin your shoot.

If you are having an outdoor photo session, it might not be convenient to have more than one change of clothes. Perhaps consider a few accessories instead?


 A great way to change ‘a look’ with very little effort, is to use accessories. Headbands, bangles, sunglasses, hats, bags – the ideas are only limited to your imagination.   Kids often look adorable in oversized accessories also, so why not use some of your own accessories to dress-up? Please use caution when considering things like beads and necklaces, as these will dependant on the age and stage of your child. 


Props will differ for indoor or outdoor settings, but generally it can be a good idea to have a few props on hand.  These help to create interest in your photos but also help to occupy a not so willing child.  J

Favourite toys, toy buckets & spades, rattles, baby mirrors, favourite blankets, cane baskets, old suitcases – anything goes, provided it is age appropriate.

Consider the texture and colour of props as these will often show up in your photos – fluffy, woven, soft, bobbly etc.


So you can’t see music in photos, but you can sure see its effects! Some children respond well to music, especially if they are becoming uncooperative.  Consider having some music on hand just in case?

If you are having an outdoor photo session this will depend on what portable music players you have access to.

Other things to think about

Sunscreen, hats, water.

In the hot summer weather, it doesn't take long to burn.  We highly recommend applying sunscreen to all the members of your family before your appointment.  :)

Also, if your having an outdoor photo-shoot on a hot day, bring hats to wear in between shots and a bottle of water to keep everyone well hydrated. 

Parents Clothing

Wear whatever you are comfortable in.

Plain colours work best. Avoid logos, words and busy patterns.  If you are unsure, ask your photographer before you begin your shoot.

Check wrists for hair ties and other similar things that might have gone un-noticed but might show up in your photos. 

Photo Release Form

Our legal schnauzers tell us that you will need one of these filled in if you want a preview or any of your photos uploaded on Facebook or anywhere on the net. We always have these on hand when we arrive at your photo shoot, so don't worry if you haven't filled one in beforehand. (PDF download)